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September 2007 meeting minutes

Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association
Regular meeting minutes
September 19, 2007

Board members present: Cascade Anderson Geller, Cathy Kuehnl, John Laursen, Justin Leonard, Bunny Marechal, Gayle Marechal, John McLaren, Nancy Norby, Bruce Treat and Bing Wong

Board members absent: Mark Bartlett, Clifford Carlson, Nadine Fiedler, Dave Hilts, Don Jacobson, Paul Leistner and Stan Terpstra

Others present: Janet Anderson, Marc Anderson, Cindy Banzer, Lorelle Bennett, Jim Blackwood, Sharlane Blaise, Tod Burton, Isaac Campbell, CJ Church, Jim Church, Phyllis Corrigan, Lisa Cox, Wayne Dietz, John Geddy, Marie Geiger, Barbara Grimala, Bill Guthrie, Peggy Hanson, Jennifer Heilman, Jon Heilman, Ed Hershey, Don Holden, Jeff Hoofard, JoAnn Kingston, Heidi Kohne, Janet Kruse, Chris Larson, Tom Mills,
Michael Newman, Cuong Nguyen, Rebecca Paul, Steve Sargent, Trudy Sargent,
Michael Shaver, Kevin Shoves, Joe Sixta, Katy Steding, Inay Todd, Kristen Tucker, Lynn Weigand, Dennis Wong, Lou Wong, Carolyn Young

Bing Wong led introductions. Minutes from the August meeting were mentioned and no changes were discussed. Bing Wong presented the treasurer’s report.


Heidi Kohne reminded everyone that on Saturday, September 22nd there would be a yard clean up at the Presbyterian Church at 8 a.m. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Heidi and also bring tools and energy.

Bruce Treat passed along a message from Jennifer Pultz that Atkinson Elementary School is hosting “A Taste of Atkinson” to celebrate four cultures present in our
community: Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish and English by offering attendees glimpses into these culture’s cuisine music, and art. A Taste of Atkinson will be Saturday,
October 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Atkinson Elementary School, 5800 SE Division St.

New Business

Traffic on Thorburn
Cindy Banzer, who lives at 63rd and Thorburn, is concerned about heavy traffic on
Thorburn. She has called PDOT and she says that they admit it’s a problem stretch of street but that they don’t know what to do about it. Banzer has requested photo radar and electronic speed tracking but the City says there is a backlog on getting those. She would also like the City to consider speed bumps. She says that trucks should not be traveling on Thorburn because of the narrowness of the road. Ed Hershey spoke up and asked about getting a sidewalk put in on one side of the street. Gayle Marechal
said that in a MTNA survey of residents taken a few years ago that sidewalks on
Thorburn were a very low priority. Suggestions from others in the audience included lowering the speed limit and adding “no trucks allowed” signs. A suggestion was made to invite PDOT to a future MTNA meeting to discuss the issue. Bing Wong said that the MTNA used to have a traffic committee a few years back but had dissolved from lack of issues but could maybe be resuscitated if there were enough interest. John Laursen reminded Banzer and everyone in the audience that MTNA is a volunteer organization and that the current board was already very active in other time-consuming endeavors. John went on to say that the best way to get something done was to start by
organizing it yourself. Recent MTNA attendee Michael Newman volunteered to be part of a traffic committee and handed around a sheet for people to sign up.

Portland Police Neighborhood Liaison
The new Portland Police neighborhood liaison introduced himself and said he will return to October’s meeting to address neighborhood concerns and share crime statistics.


Joint Tri Met and Mt. Tabor NABR
Peggy Hanson, Tom Mills and Carolyn Young of Tri Met and Lou Wong and Chris
Larson of Mt. Tabor NABR (Not A Bus Route) came to the meeting to discuss the recent rerouting of the line 71 bus off of Lincoln St. due to construction at 59th/Lincoln and onto 52nd, Hawthorne, 55th and Taylor. Mills apologized for the lack of Tri Met commun-ication on the issue. Citizens on, primarily, 52nd formed the NABR group to address
issues of speeding buses, pedestrian safety and noise. Tri Met, working with NABR, drove a test bus on September 10th around various streets in the neighborhood
exploring other possible routes. Members of the two groups then met the night of
September 17 to discuss the options. One option under consideration is for the 71 bus to go on Taylor one way and then return down Madison when it comes back through the neighborhood. None of the Taylor or Madison St. residents in attendance appeared to favor a bus on their street at any time. A bus recently turned onto their street and
almost hit a child, which unnerved some Taylor St. residents. Mills said that 123 buses travel on the 71 line throughout the day: Sixty-two in one direction and sixty-one in the other. Several residents of Lincoln St. favored moving the 71 eventually off of the
residential street entirely to Division between 52nd and 60th. Due to a pothole in the middle of 52nd between Lincoln and Hawthorne, the 71 is currently traveling on Division between 52nd and 50th and on 50th between Division and Hawthorne. Chris Larson and Lou Wong both stressed that they thought Tri Met had been receptive to NABR’s
complaints and ideas about rerouting. Larson said he thought that at this time there was no need to seek a letter of support from the MTNA because of this receptiveness.

Tri Met is hosting an open house on Thursday, September 27th at 7 p.m. at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church at 54th/Belmont to discuss the rerouting.

Committee Reports

Mt. Tabor Park Task Force/Public Policy Proposal
John Laursen said that a small group of residents including members of the MTNA and South Tabor Neighborhood Associations have been meeting with representatives of
Portland Parks and Recreation to craft the presentation to City Council to seek a public
involvement process to update the Master Plan at the park to determine whether to
enhance or determine other uses for the maintenance yard and nursery at the park. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, September 26th with a time certain of 10:30 a.m. This means the presentation will take place no earlier than 10:30 but may go on later depending on other things on the Council agenda. All members of the public are invited to attend.

Old Business

Hawthorne Entryway Project
John Laursen received a large round of applause for his hard work on the entryway
project. The dedication of the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood sign occurred on August 18th at the corner of 50th and Hawthorne and was attended by hundreds of people. John has been working on this project for over eight years. Raffle tickets were sold through the end of tonight’s meeting to raise money for the plaque with the prize being a print by
local artist Molly Hilts. The drawing took place at the end of the meeting and the winner was Brenda Reddaway. Congratulations Brenda!

Friends of Mt. Tabor Park
Nancy Norby was happy to report that a work party from Warner Pacific College came out recently to clean up the off-leash dog area of the park. She also reported that the August picnic was a success.

The next MTNA meeting will be Wednesday, October 17 at 7 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church. 

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:40

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