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July 2004 meeting minutes

Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association
Regular meeting minutes, sitting outside on lawn
July 21, 2004

Board members present: Eric Bosler, Nadine Fiedler, Bill Guthrie, Charles Heying, Dave Hillman, Dave Hilts, John Laursen, Paul Leistner, Gayle Marechal, Nancy Norby, Diane Redd, John Turner, John Wish, Mary Ann Seth Wish, and Bing Wong.

Others included: Barbara Grimala, Gretta Grimala, Lois Heying, Mike Carr, Isaac Campbell, Tom Stimmel, Jean Seneschal Biggs of the Hawthorne transportation plan, and Aaron Beam from the Portland Mercury,

Diane Redd led introductions, and Bing Wong presented the treasurer’s report. The June minutes were approved, and Diane summarized information sent to MTNA.


Hawthorne Blvd. improvement project
Jean Seneschal Biggs described the history and current state of this project, focusing on the proposed changes at 49th and 50th Sts. & Hawthorne. Changes include speed bumps on 49th, a traffic light at 49th & Hawthorne, pedestrian amenities and environmental solutions on Hawthorne, and a change in traffic flow at 50th to underscore the fact that the street and neighborhood above 50th is residential. John Laursen and Dave Hilts described the proposed Mt. Tabor neighborhood gateway at 50th, which will include a basalt wall and a plaque. This project will not be funded by the city, so we will have to raise funds for it after meeting code requirements and getting MTNA approval. Neighbor comments included concerns about the effect on Lincoln St. and the gateway as an invitation to cut through the neighborhood to the park.

Noise policy in Mt. Tabor Park
John Laursen and Eric Bosler drafted a policy about noise in the park to provide guidelines for MTNA decisions. They will be further discussed.

Portland Mercury event
Aaron Beam from the Mercury described a mayoral candidate forum they propose to have in the park on September 9, and they are asking for approval for music after the city's stated end time. They were planning to have speakers until 8, then music. A motion was passed to approve the music if it ends by 8:30 p.m.

Neighbor concerns and problems

Anti-pesticide petition
Don Jacobsen sent around a petition for a pesticide-free park. Those at the meeting thought it appropriate to talk to the park staff first.

Paul Leistner reported that Dan Saltzman will present a city council resolution next week that takes reservoir burial off the table. An interim mitigation plan will be put into place. Paul L. proposed further language to the resolution to put it in line with the master plan and the historic designation. A motion to support Paul's changes passed. Charles Heying moved that when city council specifies capital improvements, that MTNA request a public process; this passed.

Committee Reports

Nadine Fiedler said the newsletter is in process and will be out in August.

SEUL board
Charles Heying said that SEUL is setting coalition-wide goals. SEUL opposed the "pay or waive" initiative, #36. Paul L. suggested that MTNA take a stand. A motion was made to oppose the measure. Eric Bosler said that we don't have enough real information to make a decision and should not be hasty. Charles H. says this is an emergency. Bill Guthrie suggested using the web to gather opinions. Dave Hilts is reluctant to oppose it before we know what neighbors think. After more discussion, Diane R. asked if we can amend the motion to be a board decision only, but this was not done. The vote to oppose the measure was 15 yea and 5 nay. Another motion was made, that if there will be a statement against the measure in the voters pamphlet by neighborhood associations under SEUL, that we will pay a prorated share. This was passed with one nay.

Land use
Dave Hilts sees no basis for appeal of the city's approval of cell phone antennas on 60th & Yamhill; he thinks it's not too obtrusive.

Friends of Mt. Tabor Park
Dave Hillman talked about a false abduction report in the park. The FOMTP picnic is August 17, 6–8 p.m., potluck.

Drive-Thru Wake-Up Deli
Paul L. says that the property was seized by federal marshals. He is hoping we can find grant money to clean the site up. Division Vision got a $180,000 grant to improve the street, and a citizens group will meet regularly. Two teams of PSU students did studies on the street and spent more than $1,000: other neighborhood associations have helped reimburse their costs. A motion to donate $200 to the two groups, prorated as to their costs, passed.

Off leash area
Nancy Norby is looking for committee members; they meet Tuesdays at 7 p.m. At least that's what I think I wrote in the almost total darkness outside.

—Submitted by Nadine Fiedler