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Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association (Draft)
Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2010

Board Members Present: Bruce Treat, Nancy Norby, Heidi Kohne, Bing Wong, Paul Leistner, Mark Bartlett, Jim Blackwood, Nadine Fiedler, John Laursen, Tom Leiner, John McLaren, Stephanie Stewart

Board Members Absent:  Bryan Brumley, Tom Dolan, Mike Shaver, Dawn Smallman/Greg Snider

Others Present: Officer Gary Manougian, Kevin Bryant (Warner Pacific), Mary Kinnick (Friends of Mt. Tabor Park), Bill Stauffer (PCC), Gina Whitehill-Baziuk (PCC Project), Kent Duffy, Rich Newlands (Transportation Bureau), Sarah Figliozzi (Transportation Bureau), Floy Jones, Shannon Loch, Nita Posada (PCC Project)

The meeting opened with introductions led by President Treat.

The financial report was presented by Treasurer Wong. We have received over $3600 from Southeast Uplift for communications.


Nancy Norby brought up the topic of next spring’s neighborhood cleanup, mostly bringing to everyone’s attention that a leader is needed to spearhead the event. Mark Bartlett agreed to fulfill this role. It was decided to continue having the event with North Tabor Neighborhood Association, pending approval from them. Discussion ensued about potential dates, and Saturday, May 14, 2011.

Jim Blackwood said that the first meeting of Parks Department’s budget committee about potential budget cutbacks occurred recently. He gave some sample numbers from that meeting. The next meeting will be December 10.

Neighborhood Crime: Officer Manougian gave his crime report and statistics. He brought attention to the fact that over 70% of the crimes in our neighborhood were larcenies, mainly in vehicles. It turns out that there have been a lot of vehicle break-ins city-wide where cars were forced into and airbags were forcibly removed. Please take all belongings from your vehicles and lock your cars. Discussion ensued about some damage done to property at the park’s off-leash dog area as well as a major vehicle accident at 60th & Stark.

Friends of Mt. Tabor Park: Mary Kinnick brought to everyone’s attention the Good Neighbor Agreement of the Off-leash Dog Area. She said that she’s so far unable to find someone to head up a stewardship committee to revisit this Agreement.

She also mentioned that someone will be maintaining the new message board that’s at the dog area.

She also reported that a number of Warner Pacific students volunteered at the park removing blackberries and have agreed to do at least one other service project to do more invasive-species removal.

50s Bikeway Project: Rich Newlands and Sarah Figliozzi gave an update about the bikeways project that is planned to go from SE Woodstock & 52nd to NE Thompson & 57th. Quite a bit of discussion ensued about a possible car diverter at the intersection of 52nd & Division and the stretch of 52nd between Division and Lincoln. There may also be a traffic light added at the intersection of 53rd/Burnside. There will be an open house for all the neighborhoods that are affected by this in January (date TBD). This project is still at the conceptual stage.

Portland Community College Bond: Gina Whitehill-Baziuk and colleagues gave an update on the bond measure to renovate the PCC Southeast campus. There will be open houses on December 1 (11:30am & 5:00pm) and 2 (11:30am) for the public to review some of these renovations. So far the planning groups have worked on the master plan.

PCC has recently acquired some land that is adjacent to the existing campus along Division: the Legin Chinese restaurant, the German-American Society buildings, and the Kaiser Permanente building & lot. The Kaiser plot will remain as Kaiser for at least the next 5 years. In all, some existing buildings will remain, a couple of buildings would be razed, and some building additions will be added, as well as the number of driveways along Division be reduced from 5 to 3. There are discussions going with Church Emmanuel regarding doing some shared parking with them. The planning team is also going to pursue alternative transportation, including the existing PCC shuttles, bicycles, and TriMet. Go to or at for more information.

Movies in the Park: Bruce Treat gave a report about the Movies in the Park put on by Portland Parks and Recreation, saying that group is interested in having a summer movie series in Mt. Tabor Park. Discussion ensued, including noise and scheduling issues. It was moved by Mark Bartlett, seconded by Floy Jones that this program is not approved for now by the Neighborhood Association because it is not compatible with the Portland Master Plan, pending further research; motion approved with 7 votes, against with 5 votes, and abstained with 3 votes.


Land Use Committee:

Stephanie Stewart reported that she met with US senator Jeff Merkeley from an invitation to meet about the reservoirs in Mt. Tabor and Washington parks. He wanted updates and information about the process. She said that an Alaskan delegation is putting forth a bill that, if passed, would allow smaller cities to be able to not do these LT2 projects, but at a health cost. Apparently, Portland’s project has been delayed about ten years with the national EPA, but some treatment equipment is already being purchased. Floy Jones also gave some updates about this process. It was moved by Stephanie Stewart, seconded by Paul Leistner that a letter be written to the entire City Council asking that this project be given new high priority, directing the Water Bureau to build a single document with all current scientific data, and asking them to join together to work on LT2; passed.

Stephanie also brought up public records policies. It was moved by John Laursen to support Stephanie’s letter to Commissioner Amanda Fritz, seconded by Paul Leistner; passed.

Friends of Mt/ Tabor Park

November 30 will be the 10th anniversary of the foot patrol. There will be a public party starting 6:30pm in the parking lot of Western Seminary and also at 7:30pm in the basement of the seminary. Also, trails are being measured for potential bike ways, as they must be over a certain width to allow bicycles to be used on the same path with pedestrians. Also, two new bike racks have been installed throughout the park.


Paul Leistner reported that Tabor Commons is now completely open, 7 days a week. There is more need to construct a pergola or related item in the back of the building instead of something in the front like originally planned.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 19, 2011, at 7:00pm at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, located at SE 54th and Belmont. There is no meeting in December.

For more information, please go to