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Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2011

Board Members Present: Nancy Norby, Bing Wong, Bryan Brumley, Nadine Fiedler, John McLaren, Mike Shaver, Stephanie Stewart, Heidi Kohne, Tom Leiner,

Board Members Absent: Bruce Treat, Paul Leistner, Mark Bartlett, Jim Blackwood, Tom Dolan, John Laursen, Dawn Smallman/Greg Snider,

Others Present: Officer Gary Manougian, Scott Fernandez, Jeff Lovell, Andrew Millard, Wayne Dietz, Cathy Kuehl, Steve Stipland, Barb Gamelgard, Gary and Flora Lippert, Craig Bowen, Scott Murdoch, John Shorb, Julie Day, Kaia Shob, Scott Eisland, Time Leini, Luanne Zoller, Geri Marz, Laurie Livingston, Kyle Shaterly, Brad Fortune, Michael Shaver, Joshua Deparrte, Julie Rhodes, Tobias Hahu, Lisa Ward, Ron Ward, George and Delores Demmon, Barbara Kutasz, John Kutasz, Jerod Tershlea, Sarah Statham, Pernille Rasmussen, A. Berklax, John Mulvey, Brian and Kate Mitchell, Jennie McCartney, Mark Jones, Michael Franz, Steve Stenberg, James Abbott, Ric and Gwen Flores, Brian and Cristen Lincoln, Kim and Dan Medic, Barb Gamulard, Rebecca Casaova, Kate Tosswill.

The meeting was opened by Nancy Norby.

A brief update about the SE 50s bikeway project was given by Rich Newlands. Rich would like the MTNA to vote to support the plan. There will be an additional meeting to discuss the plan before the next MTNA meeting. . Amy Larson and Rich Newlands collected names for those that would be interested in further discussion. The meeting to discuss and vote on the plan will be in June with MTNA. Informative fliers were left for those interested. The discussion was continued outside of the MTNA meeting space.

Introductions were led by Nancy Norby.

The minutes from the April 2011 meeting were approved on a motion by Bing Wong, seconded by Nadine Fiedler.

The financial report was presented by Treasurer Wong.


Mary Kinnick reminded that the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park garage sale is 9-4 Fri the 20th and Sat the 21st at 7321 SE Taylor.

The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Art Walk is Sat the 21st and Sun the 22nd.

Neighborhood Issues and Concerns

Scott Fernandez from the Rose City Park Neighborhood spoke regarding the Open Records Law. He was on public broadcasting on Tuesday to discuss the topic. He attended a Water Bureau meeting this morning regarding stopping LT2 at this time and begin communication with elected officials to look for a longer-term solution. The federal rule known as LT2 would entail covering the open reservoirs in Mt. Tabor and Washington parks. The state will be taking over oversight next month. Two ideas being discussed are requesting ongoing variances versus requesting a waiver as a final solution. There is push back from the Water Bureau to both ideas as they would like to continue the original plan. Scott passed out a flier with information about keeping the reservoirs open. He also updated on a committee being formed with Commissioner Saltzman to discuss transparency related to the project. Floy Jones is working with Scott.

Neighborhood Crime: Officer Manougian reports a continued recent increase in thefts and larcenies, especially from motor vehicles. He strongly reinforced the need to not leave valuables in vehicles. As the weather improves thefts from vehicles in the park tend to increase.

There is further investigation regarding the possibility of a business operating out of a garage in the 1700 block of 55th Ave. There will likely be a return to increased number of precincts including a specific Southeast Precinct. He reported he feels MTNA is the most intelligent, inquisitive and analytical of any Neighborhood Association he has worked with.

Board Elections: The new board members and officers were elected, and duties assigned.

Neighborhood Cleanup: Less money was collected this year than last, but the cost to operate was significantly lower. The North Tabor NA would like to recuperate the cost for mailings and printed fliers that went in their newsletter. Approximately $2500 was collected, not including metal costs. There was a request for more yard debris space for next year.


Friends of Mt. Tabor Park

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District gave a $40,000 grant, Portland Parks gave $17,000, the city’s Bureau of Environmental Services was able to fund $25,000 and $1500 from the Friends are helping to pay the volunteer coordinator and Phase 2 of invasive removal and revegetation in the park.

A plaque was placed at the Mt. Tabor dog park to thank Nancy for her work advocating for the park.

Regional Arts and Council is submitting an application to clean the Harvey Scott Statue at the top of the park. The FMTP Board endorsed the project in a letter. Friends representative spoke with the restorer and feel comfortable with the restoration. Without restoration the statue would continue to degrade over time.

Land Use Committee:

There are several ongoing land-use issues but no real changes in status from last month at this point. Stephanie testified at the LT2 hearings today.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at 7:00pm at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, located at SE 54th and Belmont.

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