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Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2012

Board Members Present: Bryan Brumley, Nadine Fiedler, Heidi Kohne, John Laursen, Paul Leistner, John McLaren, Brian/Kate Mitchell, Nancy Norby, Dawn Smallman/Greg Snider, Bing Wong

Board Members Absent: Tom Dolan, Jeff Lovell, Mike Shaver, Stephanie Stewart

Others Present: Officer Gary Manougian, Roberta Richards, Lauren Morris, Chris Davore (Portland Police), Matt Shelby (Portland Public Schools), Greg Belislie (PPS), Roger Warren (Concerts in the Park), Annehida (sp?) HalbrookText Box:  

 The meeting opened with introductions led by Nancy Norby.  The minutes from the March meeting were then approved on a motion by Kate Mitchell, seconded by Bing Wong.

 The financial report was presented by Treasurer Wong.   

Announcements: Nancy Norby gave an update about the Upper Hawthorne Good Neighbor Agreement.  There was a meeting earlier in the week where some ongoing concerns were addressed.  At the meeting Nancy was informed that a drunk driver had crashed into the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood entryway on Hawthorne.  Discussion followed regarding replacing the tree that was severely damaged and ways on making the intersection safer. 

It was announced that MTNA Board elections will be held at next month’s meeting.  Please let Nancy Norby or Heidi Kohne know before May 14 if you are interested in being on the Board.  Board members should attend at least two meetings in a six-month period. 

A list of restaurants was distributed for input on favorite places for the construction workers who will be working at Portland Community College’s Southeast Campus soon. 

Roberta Richards introduced everyone to the Portland Grower’s Alliance, which is a community-driven agriculture group.  Members would receive a box of produce weekly during the summer for a membership fee, and there are seven pickup sites in Portland, including Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church and Urban Farm Store.  For more information, go to or contact Lauren Morse at (503) 858-0216. 

Neighborhood Crime: Officer Manougian gave an update on safety and crimes in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood.  The primary offense was thefts from vehicles.  As the summer months approach, please make sure all your doors are locked, including vehicle doors.   

SEUL: Paul Leistner talked about potential coal trains coming from eastern Oregon and heading to St. Helens and then to Asia.  This has been an issue with other neighborhood associations who are close to the Union Pacific tracks, and it can be a health hazard with residents who live near the tracks.  Sierra Club is also involved in educating the public with this issue. 

He gave an update about neighborhood newsletters, after a discussion with other neighborhood associations. 

The farmers’ market at Cafe au Play, located at Tabor Commons at 5633 SE Division St., will start up again June 2 and will be open Saturdays until September 15.  The farmers’ market will be open from 10am until 2pm. 

Warner Pacific College held a meeting recently about their master plan, which is reviewed every ten years. 

Paul also gave an update about the Division Street high-speed crash corridor street safety project.  The Portland Bureau of Transportation is still accepting ideas, and they are looking into renovating from around 11th Avenue all the way to 82nd Avenue; MTNA is interested in participating in talks regarding the stretch from about 60th Avenue to 82nd

Warner Pacific College is planning on partnering once again with the Portland Parks Movies in the Park this summer.  It is expected to happen in August, and Paul Leistner is accepting movie options. 

The neighborhood cleanup is fast approaching!  Come by the Mt. Tabor Middle School parking lot Saturday, April 28.  Price is per vehicle.  This is a fundraiser of both the North Tabor and Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Associations. 

Friends of Mt. Tabor Park: The weed warriors meet on the last Saturday of every month, and they are always looking for volunteers to help clean up Mt. Tabor Park.  They meet at 9am in the park and typically finish around noon. 

The 69th-Avenue entrance is now wheelchair accessible. 

The next board meeting will be May 9.

Land Use Committee: Discussion occurred about a Oregon Liquor Control Commission permit that is being sought for a new restaurant opening at Belmont at 69th

Portland Public Schools: Matt Shelby & Greg Belislie gave a presentation about the state of Portland’s school district.  Topics included enrollment, budgets, milestones framework, and buildings.  There is a community group that is focused on the upkeep of school buildings, and they will be presenting their recommendations to the PPS Board in May.  It was noted that Franklin High School not only is one of the best schools in Oregon in their milestones, but also is almost identical in graduation chance between white and ethnic students. 

Hammer and Hand: Cody Dullowitch talked about Clean Energy Works Oregon, which is distributing state and federal funds to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient.  Hammer & Hand is a green contractor which can perform the energy assessment, which is typically free if the homeowner is pursuing CEWO.  To qualify, the homeowner must occupy the house, the house must be built before 1993, and it cannot be on the National Historic Register.  The best tax rebates available can be applied for if the house is assessed before April 30; any construction that is needed can occur after May 1. 

Concerts in the Park: Roger Warren approached MTNA about possibly donating money towards the summer concerts at Mt. Tabor Park.  Roger announced the Tuesday concerts that will be at Mt. Tabor in July: Obo Adi African music, Vagabond Opera, Quick & Easy Boys, and Franko Paletta & the Stingers.  It was moved by Nadine Fiedler, and seconded by Brian Brumley, to donate $500 to the Portland Parks in support of the Mt. Tabor Concerts in 2012; approved. 

Mt. Tabor Bike Race: Discussion ensued about the annual bicycle race to be held at Mt. Tabor Park this summer, as well as procedures about approving annual events.  It was moved by Kate Mitchell, and seconded by Brian Brumley, to approve the Mt. Tabor Bike Race for 2012; approved. 

Sustainability: Bryan Brumley gave an update on sustainable issues in our neighborhood.  The Hawthorne Area Civic Ecology project has posters available; contact Bryan if you would like any.  It was moved by Heidi Kohne, and seconded by John Laursen, to donate $200 towards the Civic Ecology project; approved. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm. 

The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 16, 2012, at 7:00pm at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, located at SE 54th and Belmont. 

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